Anonymous committed 7e65436

Added more dependencies to the Build.PL.

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     requires => {
         'Class::Accessor' => 0,
         'XML::LibXML' => 0,
+        'XML::LibXML::Common' => 0,
+        'CGI' => 0,
+        'strict' => 0,
+        'warnings' => 0,
     build_requires => {
         'Test::More' => 0,
     - Moved "Test::More" and "IO::Scalar" to the build_requires.
     - now generating a Makefile.PL from the Build.PL.
     - added an example under examples/.
+    - added more dependencies to the Build.PL
 0.2.2    Fri Feb 29 17:24:55 IST 2008
     - Fixed the die in the last patch to reference the name correctly.
 0.2.1    Fri Feb 29 17:02:49 IST 2008
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