XML-CompareML / inc / XML / Grammar /

package XML::Grammar::Builder;

use strict;
use warnings;

use base 'Test::Run::Builder';

use File::Find;

our $VERSION = '0.0101';

sub new
    my $package = shift;
    my %args = @_;
    my @extradata_files;
    my $module_name = $args{'module_name'};
    $module_name =~ s{::}{-}g;

    my $filter_files_cb = sub {
        my $filename = $File::Find::name;
        if ((-f $filename) &&
            ($filename =~ /\.(?:mod|xslt|dtd|ent|cat|jpg|rng|xcf\.bz2)$/)
            push @extradata_files, $filename;
    find({ wanted => $filter_files_cb, no_chdir => 1}, "extradata");

    my $builder = $package->SUPER::new(
        extradata_files =>
            (map { $_ => $_ } @extradata_files)


    $builder->install_path()->{'extradata'} = 
                qw(data modules),

        'extradata_install_path' =>

    return $builder;

=begin excluded

    my $get_dest_extradata_cb = sub {
        my $fn = shift;

        # Trying if this makes it work.
        # TODO : Either remove this line or the rest of the lines.
        return $fn;

        $fn =~ s{^extradata}{data};
        return "lib/$module_name/$fn";

=end excluded


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