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Added more to the How to learn Perl section.

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 <a href="$(ROOT)/resources/"><b>See our resources for Perl Beginners</b></a> 
-and browse the site on its navigation menu.
+and browse the site on its navigation menu. Among them are:
+<a href="$(ROOT)/tutorials/">Online Tutorials</a> - online tutorials for
+learning Perl. Also see our 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/tutorials/perl-for-newbies/">local tutorial</a>.
+<a href="$(ROOT)/books/">Books</a> - some of them are legally available
+<a href="$(ROOT)/core-doc/">The Perl Core Documentation</a> - what ships
+with Perl. Contains topical tutorials and references.
 <h2 id="why-learn"><strong>Why</strong> should I learn Perl?</h2>
 <div class="further_reading">