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+<!-- Creative Commons License -->
+<a rel="license" href=""><img 
+alt="Creative Commons License"
+src="$(ROOT)/images/somerights20.png" /></a><br />
+This work is licensed under a <a rel="license" 
+href="">Creative Commons 
+<!-- /Creative Commons License -->
+<rdf:RDF xmlns=""
+    xmlns:dc=""
+    xmlns:rdf="">
+<Work rdf:about="">
+   <dc:title>Better SCM Site Contents</dc:title>
+   <dc:date>2004</dc:date>
+   <dc:description>A Version Control Systems Information and Advocacy carrying site</dc:description>
+   <dc:creator><Agent>
+      <dc:title>Shlomi Fish</dc:title>
+   </Agent></dc:creator>
+   <dc:rights><Agent>
+      <dc:title>Shlomi Fish</dc:title>
+   </Agent></dc:rights>
+   <dc:type rdf:resource="" />
+   <license rdf:resource="" />
+<License rdf:about="">
+   <permits rdf:resource="" />
+   <permits rdf:resource="" />
+   <requires rdf:resource="" />
+   <requires rdf:resource="" />
+   <permits rdf:resource="" />
 <define-tag email:link>
 <a href="mailto:%0">%0</a>
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