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Add two items to the TODO.

They are the bad elements long lines and trailing space.

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     - Using one variable for two different things
         - assignment to a different value in the middle of the subroutine.
     - grep !/\A\./ for getting rid of "." and ".." in readdir().
+    - long lines in source code.
+    - trailing whitespace.
 * perl-begin FAQ:
     - references.
     - Add the other frameworks:
         - <perlbot> rindolf: Don't parse IRC with regex! See
           POE::Component::IRC, Bot::BasicBot. Avoid Net::IRC. See also
- or Net::Async::IRC or AnyEvent::IRC .  
+ or Net::Async::IRC or AnyEvent::IRC .
         - Not sure it's a good idea.
 * Maybe a page on «What's next "after" perl?».