perl-begin / Makefile

TARGET = dest


LATEMP_WML_FLAGS =$(shell latemp-config --wml-flags)
COMMON_PREPROC_FLAGS = -I $$HOME/conf/wml/Latemp/lib 

WML_FLAGS += --passoption=2,-X3074 --passoption=3,-I../lib/ \
	--passoption=3,-w $(LATEMP_WML_FLAGS) -I../ -DROOT~. \
	-I../lib/ --passoption=7,"-S imgsize"


RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh 

ARC_NAME := $(shell cd temp && ./

DEST_ARC_PAGE = $(TARGET)/source/index.html

DOCS_COMMON_DEPS = template.wml lib/books.wml

all: latemp_targets

include include.mak
include rules.mak

upload: upload_berlios

upload_berlios: all
	(cd dest && $(RSYNC) -r *

upload_iglu: all
	(cd dest && $(RSYNC) -r *

DEST_ARC_NAME = $(TARGET)/source/arcs/$(ARC_NAME)

# .PHONY: 
# $(DEST_ARC_PAGE) :: $(TARGET)/% : src/%.wml $(LIBRARY_FILES) .PHONY
# 	(cd src && wml $(WML_FLAGS) -DARCNAME=$(ARC_NAME) -DFILENAME=$(patsubst src/%.wml,%,$<) $(patsubst src/%,%,$<)) > $@
# 	(cd temp && ./
# 	mv temp/$(ARC_NAME) $@
# upload_arc: arc
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