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Add the section about the subculture.

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                     Add the section about drug users who become drug dealers
-                    becoming exposed to more drugs.
+                    becoming exposed to more drugs. Add the section about
+                    drug users forming a subculture and tending to associate
+                    with one another.
             problems, and seek help.
+    <section xml:id="arguments_for__forming_a_subculture">
+        <info>
+            <title>Drug Users Form a Subculture</title>
+        </info>
+        <para>
+            Drug users tend to associate with other drug
+            users, because non drug users do not understand drug use and have a
+            preconceived idea that they are intrinsically bad, therefore drug
+            users are always around other drug users, and likely always around
+            drugs, and therefore tend to do them more. When breaking a habit,
+            you must stop your enablers, but drug users eventually mostly have
+            other drug users as friends, so it is very hard to break the habit
+            of drug use even after it becomes a problem because they are always
+            around drugs and other users and it takes a large amount of will
+            power to refuse taking drugs when one is around it all the time.
+        </para>
+        <para>
+            As a result, drug users form a 
+            <emphasis role="bold">subculture</emphasis>. The drug user ends up 
+            alienated from his or her non-drug using friends. However,
+            the cause is not the drug or the drug problem, it is the illegal 
+            stance society takes on drugs. One is a criminal if they possess 
+            drugs, so they will not do this openly, yet they can do this 
+            somewhat openly among the drug-using subculture, and possessing 
+            drugs in that subculture makes you high status in that 
+            subculture. Drugs and especially good quality drugs are of 
+            a higher value in that subculture, than being rich.
+        </para>
+    </section>
     <section xml:id="arguments_for__legit_uses">
             <title>Prevention of Legitimate Uses</title>