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 At the moment, I’m a computer geek (person who is enthusiastic about
 computers), and a nerd (a person without a social life). I’m interested in
 many other fields, including linguistics, history, writing, children and
-non-children literature, T.V. and movies, etc.
+non-children literature, and T.V. and movies.
 <h3 id="your_name">What can you Say about your Name?</h3>
-Well, “Shlomi” (see its <a 
+Well, “Shlomi” or “שלומי” in Hebrew (see its <a 
 entry</a>) means “my Shalom” in Hebrew, or perhaps “Shalom-ful” or “the
 Shalom of Jehuvah”. “Shalom” in Hebrew means “well-being”, “welfare”, “peace”, 
 such as “Fisher”, “Fishman”, “Fischer”, “Fishlov”, “Fishelson”, etc.
+<h4 id="is_shlomi_fish_your_real_name">Is Shlomi Fish Your Real Name?</h4>
+Despite what the name may imply to non-Israeli people, Shlomi Fish is my
+real, given and legal name. See <a href="#your_name">the question above</a>
+for more information about its etymology.
 <h3 id="shlomifish_org_domain">Why did you get the domain?</h3>