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Add the sed and awk quote.

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       date: 2008-08-02T15:22:47Z
       date: 2008-08-02T09:37:21Z
+    shlomif-sed-and-awk: 
+      date: 2012-05-04T11:44:22Z
       date: 2010-03-20T20:45:10Z


+    <fortune id="shlomif-sed-and-awk">
+        <meta>
+            <title>sed and awk…</title>
+        </meta>
+        <quote>
+            <body>
+                <p>
+                    sed and awk make me sad and awkward.
+                </p>
+            </body>
+            <info>
+                <author>Shlomi Fish</author>
+                <work href="">Aphorisms Collection</work>
+            </info>
+        </quote>
+    </fortune>


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