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Add the buying as much as one can afford.

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-                <revnumber>5268</revnumber>
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                 <date>28 April 2012</date>
                     Add the section about drug users who become drug dealers
                     becoming exposed to more drugs. Add the section about
                     drug users forming a subculture and tending to associate
-                    with one another.
+                    with one another. Add the part about “buying as much as
+                    one can afford”.
             of alcoholic beverages has heavily decreased, and the same thing 
             happens now with the currently illegal drugs.
+        <para>
+            Since it is hard to find high quality drugs, when drugs of a
+            high quality are found the drug user will buy as much of it as they
+            can afford, especially if it's a good deal and therefore they will
+            have a much larger quantity around than they normally would have
+            and therefore tend to do it more.
+        </para>
+        <para>
+            Imagine that liquor fluctuated in price and quality. You go to
+            the store and sometimes there are harmful chemicals in the liquor,
+            sometimes the prices are extremely high, sometimes there is no
+            liquor at the store at all.  Only once in a blue moon are prices
+            very good and quality good (say, it only happens once a
+            year). In that case, you would buy as much as you could afford.
+            Naturally, people who only use alcohol might not agree with this,
+            but that's because they have never been in that situation, since
+            alcoholic beverages are fully legal.
+        </para>
     <section xml:id="arguments_for__causes_proliferation">