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Update the link to Zulo.

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-<a href="http://www.zulo.org.il/doc/podcast/">Zulo Podcast</a> - an Israeli
+<a href="http://schools.whatsup.org.il/doc/podcast/">Zulo Podcast</a> - an Israeli
 and Hebrew podcast about Free Software and other Tech issues.

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 <a href="http://2dok.wordpress.com/">Dotan’s blog</a> on July, 2007.
-<h3 id="zulo"><a href="http://www.zulo.org.il/doc/shlomi_fish/">Zulo Interview
-with Shlomi Fish</a></h3>
+<h3 id="zulo"><a href="http://schools.whatsup.org.il/doc/shlomi_fish/">Zulo
+Interview with Shlomi Fish</a></h3>
 A Hebrew interview with me on the <a href="http://www.zulo.org.il/">zulo.org.il

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-<a href="http://www.zulo.org.il/">Zulo - A wiki style site for enthusiasts of
-FOSS and technology</a> - includes an audiocast, a videocast, comments, guides 
-and documents and blogs.
+<a href="http://schools.whatsup.org.il/">Zulo - A wiki style site for
+enthusiasts of FOSS and technology</a> - includes an audiocast, a videocast,
+comments, guides and documents and blogs. (Inactive).