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+        <fortune id="tim-flink-about-utilising-facebook-and-twitter">
+            <meta>
+                <title>Utilising Facebook and Twitter for Fedora Packages</title>
+            </meta>
+            <quote>
+                <body>
+                    <blockquote> <p>Way too boring, what you really want is for
+                        every package to have its own twitter account so you
+                        can tweet karma :-). </p> </blockquote>
+                    <p> You might be on
+                        to something here! But the 140 char limit would really
+                        stifle my creativity when it comes to comments. I'd
+                        rather create facebook pages for every package - that
+                        way we could add karma by “liking” a package.  </p>
+                    <p> We could even take it a step farther and use this for
+                        marketing. Just imagine - “Play farmville with glibc
+                        next wednesday and learn about the great new
+                        features!”, “gdb has shared a picture with you”,
+                        “NetworkManager wants to be your friend”. Oh the
+                        possibilities …</p>
+                    <p> Then again, the thought of getting an email saying
+                        “Anaconda is now following you on Twitter” also amuses
+                        me.  </p> 
+                </body>
+                <info>
+                    <author>Tim Flink</author>
+                    <work href="">Re: Fedora QA and Google Summer of Code 2012</work>
+                </info>
+            </quote>
+        </fortune>