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Added the W2L Banner.

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 <define-tag start_table>
+<define-tag w2l_banner>
+<div class="center">
+<a href="" title="ברוכים הבאים ללינוקס 2004 - הכירו את הסביבה היציבה, החזקה והמגוונת"><img
+     src="$(ROOT)/images/welcome-to-linux-2004-banner-256.png" style="border-width:0"
+     alt="Welcome to Linux 2004 in Israel" /></a><br />
+<w2l_banner />
 <table summary="Layout Table: The first cell contains a navigation bar, the second the main page" border="0" width="99%">
 <td colspan="2" class="leading_path">