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                     deadline is acceptable, the so-called “crunch mode” is
                     under-effective and a recipe for disaster.
                     This feature was 
                     <link xlink:href="">covered on Slashdot</link> where
                     was published in the site <emphasis>AlterNet</emphasis>,
                     and also <link xlink:href="">featured
                     on Slashdot (with many comments)</link>.
+            </para>
+                <para>
+                    This cannot be stressed enough. The more people work, the
+                    less their hourly throughput is going to be, until they
+                    end up at negative throughput. As a result, overworking
+                    workers is dangerous because you're risking introducing
+                    bugs and destroying existing work. Furthermore, your
+                    workers are going to be much less happy than if they
+                    worked less, which is also something you'd like to avoid.