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-                    Give your employees <link
-                        xlink:href="">sane
-                        working hours</link> - 40 hours work-weeks or less.
+                    Give your employees sane working hours as
+                    <link
+                        xlink:href="">Evan 
+                        Robinson writes in “Why Crunch Mode Doesn’t Work: 6 
+                        Lessons”</link>. I.e: 40 hours work-weeks or less.
                     While sometimes asking them to stay late to finish a
                     deadline is acceptable, the so-called “crunch mode” is
                     under-effective and a recipe for disaster.
-                    Refer to the link for the details.
+                <para>
+                    This feature was 
+                    <link xlink:href="">covered on Slashdot</link> where
+                    there are many useful comments and 
+                    later on 
+                    <link xlink:href="">a 
+                        similar article (“Why We Have to Go Back to a
+                        40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity”)</link>
+                    was published in the site <emphasis>AlterNet</emphasis>,
+                    and also <link xlink:href="">featured
+                    on Slashdot (with many comments)</link>.
+                </para>
             <section xml:id="conditions--location">