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 (which is what I’m using most of the time.).
+<h3 id="programming_languages">Which Programming Language did you start with? Which programming languages do you know now?</h3>
+When I was in the 4th grade (back around 1987), my father bought my family
+a PC XT machine, with 640 KB of memory, and a colour CGA screen. Using this my
+friends and I started learning how to program, first using the BASIC
+interpreter that was installed on the BIOS and was invoked if you didn’t put a
+diskette inside, and then using some of the BASIC variants that ran on DOS such
+as BASIC.COM, GWBASIC and BASICA. So for better or for worse, BASIC was my
+first language.
+I’ve neglected programming for a long while and just played games on the
+computer, and possibly did some work on it. However, I returned to programming
+when I was in the 9th grade, this time on a 386 SX with 
+<a href="">QBasic</a> which came with
+some later versions of DOS, and later on with 
+<a href="">Borland Turbo C++</a>
+3.0 (which sported a much more primitive variant of C++ compared to today’s
+flavours). Despite knowing C and C/C++, I still found QBasic of use, due to
+my ability to rapidly develop code in it (what Larry Wall later called 
+“whipuptitude” in some of his talks.). I also may have dabbled with Excel’s
+<a href="">Visual
+Basic for Applications (VBA)</a> before I graduated from high school, and
+during my 10th grade, I learned some Pascal using Microsoft QuickPascal on
+After I graduated from high school, I worked at three firms. In some of them
+I've done C or C++ development on Windows, but I also studied some SQL, and
+became familiar with some 
+<a href="">UNIX</a> flavours
+and with <a href="">Perl 5</a> and the UNIX shells. UNIX
+has been an epiphany for me: until then I used DOS and Windows, and considered
+them bad, but did not know what a good system is. UNIX was the first genuinely
+good system that I have encountered. I also fell in love with Perl, and it
+became my favourite language.
+By the time I started studying the Technion, I had a relatively early 
+distribution of
+<a href="">Linux</a> installed on my
+computer, and started playing with various languages available there.
+You can find a list of languages that I currently know on
+<a href="$(ROOT)/SFresume.html">my résumé</a>.
 <h2 id="foss">About Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)</h2>
 <h3 id="how_to_become_hacker">How can I become an open-source contributor?</h3>