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Another Alan correction.
Add another correction.
Some more corrections from Alan Haggai.
Some corrections thanks to Alan Haggai Alavi.
Add more.
Add the thanks.
Add more.
[P4N5] Add the consclusion.
Add the conclusion.
Add more to Perl for Newbies 5.
Add a file to svn:ignore.
Add more.
Correct a typo.
Add the missing open-source projects to the section page.
Add the Count von Counter fortune.
Convert the building of FO to the new docmake.
Start converting the DocBook 5 building to the docmake of hg HEAD.
Correct "Approximated" to Approximate. Thanks to Alan Haggai Alavi.
Add the anti-SOPA link.
Add the sharp-perl "brogramming" fortune cookie.
Update a link - Freshmeat->Freecode.
Add a fortune.
Add a link.
Add a link.
Update the links.
Convert to Unicode quotes.
Change to the non-web-archive links.
Add “English is a Crazy Language”.
Add a link about the Grokster decision.
Add repeat_string to the anti-JS page.
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