Author Commit Message Date
Add another fortune to #perl (about laziness and apathy).
Add the negative numbers / #perl fortune.
Add another fortune.
Add a film to add.
Instead of prompting for a password - read it from a JSON file.
Add more.
Add another fortune.
Add a link to the Web Library Generator.
[ST-WTLD] Correct some misphrasings.
Correct a typo so it won't be grepped.
Rephrased and corrected a typo.
Add a joke to the anti-MSIE page.
Add more links to the anti-PHP page.
Add IntelliJ IDEA.
Add Sublime Text.
Add another link.
Add another quote.
More <i> -> <emphasis>.
Fix more <i> tags.
Fixed poking <i> tags into actual italics markup. Thanks to talexb for reporting it.
[P4N5] Repharsed the Version Control section.
Correct extraneous "Latest Version".
Add the new xconfig-search patch (for kernel 3.2.0). Thanks to SpikyAtLinux for reporting that the patch no longer cleanly applies.
Add a Chuck Norris fact.
Add the hurting people factoid.
Add the work-inprogress Japanese games solvers.
Add a wrapping for <pre> so the code won't overflow into the nav menu.
Another correction.
Add more.
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