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Minor: add an empty line.
Add <description> tags.
Add the "Occupy Flash" site.
Revert the previous commit (<italics> in XML-Grammar-Fortune). Turns out I used an out-of-date version of XML-Grammar-Fortune.
Fix a broken markup in shlomif.xml. <italics> cannot appear in the <screenplay> tag supported by it yet (even though it can in the XML-Grammar-Screenplay-supported markup.)
Add the new Chuck Norris fact to the fortunes.
Add another Chuck Norris factoid.
Add the Forbes feature.
Add more links.
Add the Math-Complex fortune.
Correct a misphrasing.
Correct the spelling of "mutton". Thanks to anno.
Correct more "Hollywood" with a single "l" typos.
Fix a typo - "Hollywood". Thanks to perlmonkey on IRC.
Got the front page to validate. It previously did not validate due to the Ads' markup being invalid.
Add the new blog entry.
Another validation problem.
Fix a validation error.
Add the new shlomif-hsite blog post.
Add more.
Correct soem problems.
Remove the "Stop Censorship!" ad.
Add the TDD-by-Example book.
Add another book.
Add the "I wanna become a hacker" fortune cookie.
Add an item to the TODO list.
Correct a typo. Thanks to an IRC friend.
Updated the Open-source contributions page. With information about perl 5, Mageia Linux and KDE.
Add more.
Correct a typo in a fortune.
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