Author Commit Message Date Builds
Add PHP: a Fractal of Bad Design.
Add the buying as much as one can afford.
Add the section about the subculture.
Start working on the third version of "Case for Drug Legalisation".
Forked the Case for Drug Legalisation.
Add the link to the sources.
Add another #perl fortune.
Add the "DO NOT SPELL GOOGLE WRONG" to the anti-IE page.
Add "The Binary Puzzle".
Some corrections.
Move the FAQ questions from TODO to DONE.
Add "Programming Languages".
Minor corrections.
Add "is it your real name" to the FAQ.
Move some items from TODO to DONE.
Reordered the order of the IMs.
Made more corrections.
Removed the donate button.
Add a fortune cookie for the "We agree to agree" fortune.
Add the "Agree to agree" quote.
Correct a typo.
Add the /dev/null fortune.
Add some scripts to spell-check the pages. They have many false positives.
Moved away rewrite.html to old/ . It was no longer relevant - an old version of a Joel on Software translation which is no longer relevant.
Got rewrite.html to validate as XHTML 1.1.
Add a missing <p>.
Correct a typo - "Poriginality" instead of "originality".
Fix the look of the table-related elements in style.css. This interfered with the look of the resume and may have caused some other problems. It was a relic of the Smoked WP Theme.
Add more.
More meta_desc tags.
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