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More notes
[P4N5] Repharsing.
[P4N5] Phrasing corrections.
Add more notes.
[P4N5-Heb-Notes] Add more notes
[P4N5] Phrasing correction.
[P4N5-Notes] local.
Missing capitalisation
Add more.
Add more.
Add the part about accessors.
[P4N5] Repharsed
[P4N5] Add missing comma.
[P4N5-Summary] Add trailing colons
Add more
Add more.
[P4N5] Rephrased.
[P4N] Add more to the Lecture 5 Hebrew notes
[P4N5] Correct more phrasing.
Add more notes.
Add more
Add the lecture5-notes.
[P4N5] Fix a misphrasing.
[P4N5] Repharsed.
Correct some typos
Add more to HACKING.txt.
[P4N5] Add a missing comma.
[P4N5] Correct several problems.
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