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+                <revnumber>5268</revnumber>
+                <date>28 April 2012</date>
+                <authorinitials>shlomif</authorinitials>
+                <revremark>
+                    Add the section about drug users who become drug dealers
+                    becoming exposed to more drugs.
+                </revremark>
+            </revision>
+            <revision>
                 <date>2 January 2009</date>
             including children.
+            Furthermore, once they become dealers they become exposed to
+            an even wider variety of drugs than before, and they are likely to 
+            try drugs that they never would have before because drugs are
+            essentially free to them.  And a great way to push drugs on people
+            is to consume drugs with them.  So, to make more money, they 
+            end up consuming more drugs.
+        </para>
+        <para>
             Making drugs legal will stop this vicious cycle. The price of
             drugs will drop to free market levels, and people will not need
             to become drug dealers themselves to finance their habit.