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Removed the donate button.

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 So, don’t delay - donate today!
+<define-tag non_cancelled_how_to_donate>
+Since I was told that 
+<a href="">PayPal
+“donate” buttons were reserved for U.S. non-profits</a> (and I’m still not
+sure whether this is the case) I removed the button from here. Just for
+reference, if you’d like to contribute or send money to me, you can use my 
+PayPal ID - <b><tt></tt></b>. Sorry for the inconvenience
+until I sort this out.
+<define-tag cancelled_paypal>
 <paypal_donate_code type="nolink" />
+<non_cancelled_how_to_donate />
 <a href="<amazon_wishlist_link />" rel="amazon wishlist"> Wishlist</a>
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