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Add MANIFEST and Changes.

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File t2/open-source/resources/how-to-contribute-to-my-projects/HACKING.txt

 "until" and "unless" should be spelled using "if !" or "while !" or
 alternatively "if not" or "while not".
+Make sure you update the "MANIFEST" file with any new source files
+All the new source files should be places in the "MANIFEST" file in the core
+distribution. Note that I am considering to make use of "MANIFEST.SKIP"
+instead, which would not necessitate that in general.
+Make sure to update the "Changes" (or equivalently named) file
+A patch should also patch the "Changes" file (whose name may vary) with the
+explanation of the change. A Changes file should not be automatically
+generated. Note that due to historical reasons, the exact format of the Changes
+varies between different projects of mine and you should try to emulate the
+style and format of the one of the CPAN distribution in question.
 Other elements to avoid