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Final the third version of the Case for Drug Legalisation v3. Made it live.

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 $(T2_DEST)/philosophy/case-for-file-swapping/revision-3/index.html: $(DOCBOOK4_RENDERED_DIR)/case-for-file-swapping-rev3.html
-$(T2_DEST)/philosophy/politics/drug-legalisation/index.html: $(DOCBOOK5_RENDERED_DIR)/case-for-drug-legalisation-rev2.xhtml
+$(T2_DEST)/philosophy/politics/drug-legalisation/index.html: $(DOCBOOK5_RENDERED_DIR)/case-for-drug-legalisation-v3.xhtml
 $(T2_DEST)/philosophy/computers/open-source/foss-licences-wars/index.html : $(DOCBOOK4_RENDERED_DIR)/foss-licences-wars.html


+                <revnumber>5374</revnumber>
+                <date>4 June 2012</date>
+                <authorinitials>shlomif</authorinitials>
+                <revremark>
+                    Add the two Calamities of Nature strips. This is the third
+                    version.
+                </revremark>
+            </revision>
+            <revision>
                 <date>28 April 2012</date>
+        <listitem>
+            <para>
+                The online comic series 
+                <link xlink:href=""><emphasis>Calamities 
+                        of Nature</emphasis></link> (which I am very fond of)
+                has two related strips:
+                <link xlink:href="">“Caffeine Ban”</link>
+                and <link xlink:href="">“Going Dutch”</link>.
+            </para>
+        </listitem>
 </article>    <!-- End of the article -->


 <h3 id="body">Body</h3>
-#include "docbook/5/rendered/case-for-drug-legalisation-rev2.xhtml"
+#include "docbook/5/rendered/case-for-drug-legalisation-v3.xhtml"
 <h2 id="other_formats">Other Formats</h2>
+<h3>3rd Version</h3>
+<a href="case-for-drug-legalisation-v3.xml">Original DocBook/XML</a>
 <h3>2nd Revision</h3>
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