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[Blue Rabbit] Add the non-written Credits - Players at the Table scene.

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+<s id="credits-with-the-players" title="Credits - The Players at the Table">
+[ TODO : The players gather for the session. The camera shows the middle of 
+the game table; about 80% of the table area is shown. We hear the players and
+stuff like that. The session takes place in the home of one of the players.
+The right-lower corner of the screen shows the time display. At the beginning
+it reads “10:00 – Schedule Time”. The player puts on a CD, and the same song
+plays throughout the entire stuff. Various players come in at different
+The clock shows various stuff: like several players talking gossip, or playing
+a computer game. Two players are making a contest to see who spins a die for
+the longest time.
+Eventually the clock says: “10:54:37 – Schedule time plus the Epstein-Steinberg
+constant”. A few seconds afterwards, the last player rings on the door.
+After the end of that frame the game commences.
 <s id="the-player-characters-meet-their-challenge" title="The Player Characters meet their Challenge">
 [ A crowded pub in the role-played world. The Blue Rabbits enter.]