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Move the FAQ questions from TODO to DONE.
Add "Programming Languages".
Move some items from TODO to DONE.
Add more.
Add an item to the TODO list.
Moved items to the DONE.
Add more items to the TODO.
Fix the bad Unicode.
Add some typos to the TODO, to be done after publishing the blog entry.
Removed old-index.html.wml from books-recommends.
More unicode punctuation.
Moved several done items from TODO to DONE.
Add /toggle.html to the puzzles navigation menu.
Add the expanded nav menu items to the TODO.
Move the Oded-C items.
Move an item to the DONE.
Add the show.cgi TODO.
Add the t2/t/oded-c stories.
Add dependencies.
Included a clear warning for the E-mail.
Marked an item as done.
Add a note to the TODO.
Add the TODO.
Add an item to the TODO
Updated the TODO and DONE.
Add pre-requisites to add to the TODO
Add Term::ReadPassword to the TODO
Add Quad-Pres to the INSTALL.
Moved an item to the DONE : remove Google::SiteMap .
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