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#include '../template.wml'
<latemp_subject "MikMod - playback library and player for module files." />

I adopted the 
<a href="http://mikmod.raphnet.net/"><b>libmikmod and mikmod</b>
project</a> from
its previous maintainer, Raphaël Assénat, who passed the baton to me.
MikMod is a player for
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Module_file">module files</a>, which
are a group of several related formats of music files.

Previously, I had written <a href="$(ROOT)/jmikmod/">MikMod for Java</a>,
which is a port of an old version of MikMod to the Java programming language
and the JVM.

<h2 id="links">Links</h2>


<a href="http://mikmod.raphnet.net/"><b>The mikmod and libmikmod homepage</b></a>.