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<h3 class="newsitem">26-Jun-2003</h3>

<p class="newsitem">
Added my favourite online comic strips to the <a href="links.html">links 

<h3 class="newsitem">19-Jun-2003</h3>

<p class="newsitem">
Added the <a href="./open-source/favourite/">favourite open source 
software list</a>. Added the 
<a href="<rellink url="lecture/mini/mdda/" host="vipe" />">Meta-Data 
Database Access lecture</a> to the <a href="<rellink url="lecture/" host="vipe" />">lectures collection</a>.

<h3 class="newsitem">26-Oct-2002</h3>

<p class="newsitem">
Added the <a href="">software 
tools directory</a>.

<h3 class="newsitem">7-Aug-2002</h3>

<p class="newsitem">
Added <a href="./humour/ways_to_do_it.html">Ways to do it according
to the Programming Languages of the World</a> to the Humour section. Enjoy!

<h3 class="newsitem">18-May-2002</h3>

<p class="newsitem">
I have placed the fortune files I am maintaining online 
<a href="">here</a>.


I set up a 
<a href="">mailing-list</a> for 
discussing my stories on Yahoo-Groups. Feel free to join it or post messages
there. (one does not need to be a subscriber to post).
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