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tutorials account
Merged in cmendoza/myquotefork (pull request #836)
Carlos Mendoza
adding a quote
tutorials account
Merged in kiwity/myquotefork (pull request #835)
Isidre Torras
Added quote from the 4th President de la Generalitat de Catalunya
tutorials account
Merged in kbojja/myquotefork (pull request #834)
kiran bojja
added secret quote
tutorials account
Merged in coofdy/myquotefork (pull request #833)
Martin Kenny
Switched the last few quotes to using the blockquote element.
Martin Kenny
Added a quote from Toy Story, and a corresponding image.
tutorials account
Merged in svaddi/myquotefork (pull request #831)
Sree Vaddi
Moved a jpg from root to images/ folder; added my favorite quote to index.html
tutorials account
Merged in jlayland/myquotefork (pull request #830)
James Layland
Most excellent changes.
Merged in natercia/myquotefork (pull request #829)
Natercia Machado
Added some quote
Merged in nimr/myquotefork (pull request #828)
Nimr Panther
Merged in markusschmitt/myquotefork (pull request #826)
Markus Schmitt
adding a quote by R.P.Feynman
Merged in evales/myquotefork (pull request #821)
Eileen Vales
added a quote by Prince
tutorials account
Merged in mhmd_frs7/mytestfork (pull request #824)
image of mahmoud darwish
Merged in achristensen73/myquotefork (pull request #823)
Anthony Christensen
new quote from Reggie Watts
Maria Thompson
new msg
tutorials account
Merged in tkunzfeld/myquotefork (pull request #820)
Thomas Kunzfeld
adding a quote by Albert Einstein
tutorials account
Merged in zbege/myquotefork (pull request #819)
Zoltan Bege
Adding a quote by Albert Einstein
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