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Algorithm Support

Accelerative Enhancement Y N Y
Normals Visualization Y Y Y
Normal Unsharp Mask Y Y Y
Specular Enhancement Y Y N

Algorithm Changes

Accelerative Enhancement

A new algorithm which enhances based on the shape and curvature of an object.

Normals Visualization

Added multipliers for each colour channel to amplify the colour range detected, allowing detection of faint curvatures. Mesh modes allow for the curve profile to be compensated for to extract fine details.

Normal Unsharp Mask

Increased the maximum amplification range.

Specular Enhancement

Added the mesh option to digitally flatten an object to remove the object's curve profile while keeping a larger area of the rendering in focus.


Hogarth's RTIViewer is a fork of RTIViewer 1.1.0. It is available under the GPL v3 with the caveat that all naming rights are reserved by shogarth.

This fork includes a couple of external libraries for ease of compilation:

  • RTIViewer: /components/RTIViewer
  • Visualization and Computer Graphics Library (VCG): /vcglib
  • ganalytics: /ganalytics

It would be appreciated if any publications which use images generated by these algorithms would cite the paper which describes the new algorithms in this version. More details on this paper can be found at:

Known Good Compiler Settings

The networking components for opening files remotely is tied to QT4. This area was significantly refactored for QT5 and is not backwards compatible.

For QT 4.8.6 (on Windows):

  • MS VS2008
    • Notes
      • Preferred compiler to allow opening of large PTM files on Windows machines
    • DLLs (Release)
      • QtCore4.dll
      • QtGui4.dll
      • QtNetwork4.dll
      • QtOpenGL4.dll
      • QtXml4.dll
  • mingw32-4.8.6x86_i686posix
    • Notes
      • MinGW is incredibly sensitive to your compiler version as there is a bug which causes an infinite precompiler macro expansion loop in the vcg library with most versions
      • MinGW is also less efficient with allocation of large blocks of memory. RTIViewer consistently allocates triplets of contiguous memory arrays for storing RGB color information. Any allocations over about 50MB of continous space will fail, making opening larger PTM files impossible.
    • DLLs (Release)
      • libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll
      • libgomp-1.dll
      • libstdc++-6.dll
      • libwinpthread-1.dll
      • msvcp100.dll
      • msvcr100.dll
      • QtCore4.dll
      • QtGui4.dll
      • QtNetwork4.dll
      • QtOpenGL4.dll
      • QtXml4.dll