Time derivative calculation function library

This function library is an extension the the ddt function build in the OpenFOAM Foundation version. The extension to the standard buildin version is simply: - Allowing the execution of the ddt using the postProcess application


The postProcess functionality is not used in the official sources based on inconsistency of the time derivative calculation as discussed here:

OpenFOAM Versions

  • 5.x

How to Install

  • Clone the repository

    git clone

  • Go into the repository

    cd ddtextended

  • Checkout the repository you need

    git checkout OpenFOAM-5.x

  • Copy the whole stuff to your $WM_PROJECT_DIR dir (attension! overwriting FOAM files)

    cp -r * $WM_PROJECT_DIR

  • Open the files file in the object library

    vim $WM_PROJECT_DIR/src/functionObjects/fields/Make/files

  • Add the following line above the last line


  • Go to the folder $WM_PROJECT_DIR/src/functionObjects/fields and build the new function

    wmake libso

  • Enjoy

How to Use

  • fvOptions: An example is given in the header file
  • postProcess:

    postProcess -func 'ddt(p)'


  • Tobias Holzmann