This README includes the steps which are necessary to get this application up and running.

OpenFOAM Versions

  • Generated for version
    • 2.1.x
    • 2.2.x
    • 2.3.x
    • 4.x

What is this repository for?

  • This model contains the thermodynamic flamelet model and a binary file for building Look-Up-Tables for the model
  • combustion model for RANS simulation for non-premixed turbulent flow fields (especially for free stream flames)
  • It is a combustion model without solving chemistry during fluid dynamic simulation
  • Chemistry calculation is done as a pre-processing and stored in Look-Up-Tables which are used for the simulation
  • Developed by CRECK Modelling
  • Rebuild and modified by Holzmann-cfd

Features | Changes | Documentation

  • In the repository folder you will find PDF's with all necessary stuff and validations


  • You find some validation hints in the folder too
  • Additionally you can check out some validation at


  • There is a Thread on cfd-online where you can find interesting things: libOpenSMOKE

Older Versions

  • There is also an old version for 1.7.x and 2.1.x (not modified libraries) available: github - wyldkcat

How do I get set up?

  • Feel free to compile it where ever you want, but normally its nice to have a fixed folder for user compiled stuff
  • Make a new folder

    mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN/../OpenFOAM_extensions

  • Switch to the new folder

    cd $FOAM_RUN/../OpenFOAM_extensions

  • Clone the repository to the new folder

    git clone

  • Switch to the repository directory

    cd flameletModel

  • Switch to the branch you need

  • for version 2.1.x use the following command

    git checkout flameletModel-2.1.x

  • for version 2.2.x use the following command

    git checkout flameletModel-2.2.x

  • for version 2.3.x use the following command

    git checkout flameletModel-2.3.x

  • for version 4.x use the following command

    git checkout flameletModel-4.x

  • After that pull it

    git pull

  • Now you have your libraries available and you can start compiling
  • Start with the common libraries (x.x.x ยป stand for your version)

    cd flameletModel-x.x.x/thermophysicalModels/flameletExtraction/common

    wmake libso

  • Go on with the flamelet library

    cd ../flamelets/turbulent/

    wmake libso

  • Hence you finished that build the thermodynamic library

    cd ../../../basic/

    wmake libso

  • Now you can build the flameletSimpleFoam solver

    cd ../../applications/solvers/combustion/flameletSimpleFoam


  • At least go back

    cd ../../../../

  • And copy the tutorials to your run folder

    cp -r tutorials $FOAM_RUN/flameletTutorials

  • Finished

Contribution guidelines

  • If you have questions, hints or any suggestions please email me to

Other stuff

  • Thank to Alexander Vakrushev for introduce me to bitbucket and git program, also for OpenFOAM in general
  • Thanks to Bruno Santos for rebuild the model for my master thesis, and also a introduction to git and branches