This library contains the thermal comfort calculation given in the DIN ISO EN 7730:2005. The library can be simply extended and manipulated. At the moment the mean age of air PPM and PVM calculations are implemented and can be calculated as post-process at the end of any thermal simulation. The library supports the following flow types: compressible incompressible

Supported OpenFOAM versions

  • OpenFOAM-4.x
  • OpenFOAM-5.x

    Only the 5.x include all features - I do not update 4.x (you have to make it yourself)

How to install

  • Clone the repository to a location you want

    git clone

  • Go into the folder and choose your branch

    cd opencomfort git checkout OpenFOAM-5.x

  • Go into the source folder (src) of the library and compile it

    cd src/openComfort wmake libso

  • Go to the applications folder and build the post process application

    cd ../../applications/comfortFoam wmake

  • Enjoy the library

Keep in mind that the tool I build is a library. It should be easy to implement into the fvOptions.


  • Tobias Holzmann (