Marcin Kuzminski  committed 6f8f1ab

fixes issue when owner of a repo couldn't revoke permissions for users and groups

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File rhodecode/controllers/admin/

 from rhodecode.lib import helpers as h
 from rhodecode.lib.auth import LoginRequired, HasPermissionAllDecorator, \
-    HasPermissionAnyDecorator
+    HasPermissionAnyDecorator, HasRepoPermissionAllDecorator
 from rhodecode.lib.base import BaseController, render
 from rhodecode.lib.utils import invalidate_cache, action_logger, repo_name_slug
 from rhodecode.lib.helpers import get_token
         return redirect(url('repos'))
-    @HasPermissionAllDecorator('hg.admin')
+    @HasRepoPermissionAllDecorator('repository.admin')   
     def delete_perm_user(self, repo_name):
         DELETE an existing repository permission user
             raise HTTPInternalServerError()
-    @HasPermissionAllDecorator('hg.admin')
+    @HasRepoPermissionAllDecorator('repository.admin')
     def delete_perm_users_group(self, repo_name):
         DELETE an existing repository permission users group