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start new image api

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     return static_cast<TagInfo_ImageType>(i->get_image_type());
+TagInfo_ImageFileType taginfo_image_get_image_file_type(const TagInfo_Image * img) {
+    if(!img)
+    const Image *i = reinterpret_cast<const Image *>(img);
+    return static_cast<TagInfo_ImageFileType>(i->get_image_file_type());
  * Frees a TagInfo_Image object.


 TagInfo_ImageType taginfo_image_get_image_type(const TagInfo_Image * image);
+TagInfo_ImageFileType taginfo_image_get_image_file_type(const TagInfo_Image * image);
 char * taginfo_info_get_lyrics(const TagInfo_Info *info);
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