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Issue #2 resolved

Could not read tags from file

created an issue

Xnoise can not add music from my directory, because going "Error: Could not read tags from file" (in terminal).

I investigate little this problem: Problem is non-english, but UTF-8 characters - like ěščřřžýáíé - in path. (It seems space in path make no problems.)

example: Xnoise could not read tags from file /home/alois/Hudba/Mluvené slovo/Cimrman/14 - Afrika aneb Češi mezi lidožravci (2002)/05 - Opeřený had.mp3'

libtaginfo-0.1.3 + xnoise-0.2.17 + gstreamer 1.0.6.

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  1. shkn repo owner

    Are you sure the problem is UTF-8 related?

    I have tons of non-ascii paths (e.g.: /home/me/Musik/Alèmayèhu Eshèté/Ethiopiques, Volume 22 More Vintage!/01 - Alèmayèhu Eshèté - Nèy-Nèy Wèlèba.mp3)

    Can you send me such a file? Maybe post a dropbox linke here. I'll download, test and remove the link from this bug report.

  2. alium reporter

    hmm, no, i am no more sure. It is strange. If i copy my music to another place (for example /home/test), works all normally.

    Sorry, not a bug, i have some wrong...

  3. alium reporter

    latest version 0.2.18 + taginfo 0.1.6:

    Error: Could not read tags from file '/home/alois/Hudba/Mluvené slovo/Vlasta Burian/Vlasta Burian v radiu (1938-1957)/07 Vlasta Burian žádá o místo (rozhlasový Silvestr 1955)houslisty.mp3' xnoise: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libtaginfo.so.1: undefined symbol: ZNK6TagLib6StringneERKS0

  4. shkn repo owner

    The message looks like your softlinks arenot set up. Try sudo ldconfig after installing. I didn't do any further tests because I am traveling right now and I have no access to my computer.

  5. shkn repo owner

    I'm back home now and I just tested the file and it works fine with libtaginfo. the message: " symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libtaginfo.so.1: undefined symbol: ZNK6TagLib6StringneERKS0" looks like a linker problem.

    Install libtaginfo and do

    sudo ldconfig

    after that.

    What OS do you use?

    Manual or packages installation?

    taglib version?

  6. alium reporter
  7. alium reporter

    I tested taglib-1.8, and with this works perfectly! Upps, mea culpa! Thank you very much find the problem (taglib 1.7 with rcc works not good).

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