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Issue #3 resolved

Not reading Opus tags

Rowan Lewis
created an issue

Opus audio files should be in an OGG container, using a similar format for tags as Vorbis.

I've attached two sample files for you to test with, they were created with the following command, in case you need more:

opusenc --bitrate 64 infile.flac outfile.opus

Comments (7)

  1. shkn repo owner

    I found that opus file support is prepared in current development version of taglib but it is not released, yet. That means opus files will be supported after taglib 1.9 is released.

  2. Pierre Maréchal


    Looks like taglib 1.9.1 is available with opus file format support. Is this issue still active?

    Thanks for your work, xnoise is probably the most decent media player on linux (I miss opus tag info though ;)

  3. shkn repo owner

    Salut Pierre!

    Je suis désolé, mais les distros n'ont pas encore taglib 1.9.1. While taglib 1.9.1 is present as source since October, it is not widely available in the distros.

    But I will add the opus support with conditional compilation, very soon. As the distros usually do not have taglib 1.9.1 at the moment, you would then have to compile your own taglib and then your own libtaginfo. I recommend waiting for a few weeks, until I release the new version of libtaginfo and xnoise (current xnoise will not work with the new version of libtaginfo).

  4. shkn repo owner

    Opus is now prepared in git. Can be compiled for taglib > 1.9.1. But xnoise will not yet work with this. But maybe very soon

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