XNOISE is a media player for Gtk+ with a smooth GUI, great speed and lots of features.

Unlike Rhythmbox, Banshee or itunes, Xnoise uses a tracklist centric design. The tracklist is a list of video or music tracks that are played one by one without being removed.
This gives you the possibility to queue any track in any order, regardless if they are on the same album. Tracks or groups of tracks can be reordered at any time via drag and drop.

The media browser contains all available media as a hierarchical tree structure of the available metadata. This makes it is easy to find single tracks, artists or albums. Just use it's tree structure or enter a search term to get the desired track.
From here, single or multiple tracks, streams, albums, artists or videos can be dragged to every position in the tracklist. From where they can be played.

Xnoise can play every kind of audio/video file or stream that gstreamer can handle and it's designed to always restore it's last state on the next run (window position, window size, content of the tracklist, activated plugins, ...).
Metadata of tracks can be edited and by that the appeatance of the tracks in xnoise's mediabrowser can be improved.

The 'Now playing' information will show a graphical representation of the currently played track or the video if xnoise is playing a film. Many more features are integrated into xnoise.

To extend the features even more there are quite some plugins. For example one that shows notifications, mpris v1/v2 dbus interfaces, ayatana soundmenu plugin for ubuntu, lastfm scrobbling, album image fetching, lyrics fetching...


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