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Can't submit task

created an issue

When I try to submit the task from Mylyn to Bitbucket I get

An internal error occurred during: "Submitting Task". Unresolved compilation problem: The method handle(InputStream) of type new ResponseHandler<BitbucketIssue>(){} must override a superclass method

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  1. Dustin Hatch

    This occurs in a number of other places as well, including when clicking "Validate Settings" in the repository properties dialog, and when synchronizing task queries.

  2. Dustin Hatch

    I think this has to do with how the plugin was compiled. Using Override when implementing an interface method was not allowed in JDK 1.5, but it is in 1.6. I rebuilt the plugin in my environment (Java 6 only) and the errors went away.

  3. rocket

    Is it possible that the binary version is not aviable for download via the given download url? I still get the same error on a fresh install today via the deathmarch.jp website... :( I would love to get it working, thanks a lot! =)

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