MaceKen is a event-driven distributed system building framework that supports reliability upon crash-restart failures. Any applications written in MaceKen can survive from various crash-restart failures, such as uncorrelated and correlated failures. Specifically, MaceKen guarantees two things: (1) any changes in state variables accessed by an event will be stored to persistent storage upon event commits. (2) any events that has not committed will be replayed upon restarting. Intuitively, an event in MaceKen is same as a transaction in database system. Event will be processed at a whole, or not at all. With those two guarantees, MaceKen will always do consistent recovery upon crash-restart.

MaceKen is released under the BSD license.

We have detailed instruction of installation and other things at Wiki.


Composable Reliability for Asynchronous Systems. Sunghwan Yoo, Charles Killian, Terence Kelly, Hyoun Kyu Cho, and Steve Plite. Proceedings of 2012 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC 2012). Boston, MA., 13-15 June, 2012.

Ken is a rollback recovery protocol that guarantees fault-tolerance upon crash-restart failures. You may freely download and use it from Here.


Feel free to ask any questions regarding to using MaceKen. We are happy to answer your questions.