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SiaDrive is a user-mode file system/storage driver for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and a FUSE file system implementation for Linux/OSX. Mount Sia to any available drive letter on Windows or any directory location on Linux/OSX.

Repertory has Arrived

Repertory Link

Repertory is in active development. This application will become the new core of SiaDrive when complete. Please check it out and let me know if you find any issues.

Upcoming Releases and Major Features

  • SiaDrive development is temporarily stalled but is far from dead
  • Hyperspace support is being added, so a new application is being developed. Stay tuned for Repertory!
  • If you're currently using SiaDrive, feel free to continue. Once Repertory is released, a new version of SiaDrive will be on the way utilizing Repertory core.

Current Status

  • Hyperspace support is being added.
  • The OSX FUSE implementation is currently being rewritten as a headless service to support mount-at-boot.
  • Windows will be the final platform to be supported and will most likely take ~4-6 weeks to complete.



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