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SiaDrive is a user-mode file system/storage driver for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and a FUSE file system implementation for Linux/OSX. Mount Sia to any available drive letter on Windows or any directory location on Linux/OSX.

Upcoming Releases and Major Features

  • SiaDrive development is temporarily stalled but is far from dead
  • Hyperspace support is being added, so a new application is being developed. Stay tuned for Repertory!
  • If you're currently using SiaDrive, feel free to continue. Once Repertory is released, a new version of SiaDrive will be on the way utilizing Repertory core.

Current Status

  • Hyperspace support is being added.
  • The OSX FUSE implementation is currently being rewritten as a headless service to support mount-at-boot.
  • Windows will be the final platform to be supported and will most likely take ~4-6 weeks to complete.



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  • BTC: 18FhNwu4vgun3AZxUav9ncVCCyxfH3H3GN