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This codeaster-src fork allows to build a Code_Aster version for Windows. Modifications have been made to build a 64 bits binary package using MINGW-64.


Salome-Meca and Code_Aster for Windows binary packages are available at the repository download page and at Code_Aster Windows download page. Product descriptions can be found at simulease products page.


Test base successfully passes more than 3200 test cases over approximately 3600. There are few significant issues, and most part of tests failed because of unsupported features. Also non significant tests failed because of Windows limitation or irrelevancy (see list below).

Unsupported features

  • homard:
asrun01a  crack01a  crack01b  forma01b  forma01c  forma01d  forma07b  forma11a  forma20a  forma20b
forma20c  forma21a  forma21b  hsnv132b  sdnl140a  sdnl140b  sslp317a  sslp317b  sslp317c  sslv110f
sslv130b  sslv155b  sslv155c  sslv155d  sslv155e  sslv155f  sslv314f  sslv319a  sslv319b  sslv319d
sslv320a  sslv320b  sslv320c  sslv320d  sslv322b  sslv322c  ssnp131b  ssnp150b  ssnp158a  ssnp505a
ssnp505b  ssnv173k  ssnv185r  ssnv219b  ssnv219c  ssnv219d  ssnv509b  tpll01h   tpll01j   tplp107b
tplp305d  wtnl100c  wtnl100e  wtnl100f  wtnl100h  wtnp116a  wtnp116b  zzzz121a  zzzz121c  zzzz121d
zzzz121e  zzzz121f  zzzz175a  zzzz175b  zzzz175c  zzzz259a  zzzz271a  zzzz283a  zzzz319a  zzzz319b
zzzz356a  zzzz358a  zzzz362a
  • MPI parallelism (not working in sequential version on):
mumps01b  mumps02b  mumps04b  mumps05c  petsc01b  sdll11j   sdlx201b  sdnx100d  sdnx101b
ssll106g  ssll117h  sslp100d  ssls09d   ssnl101b  ssnl125b  ssnp124e  ssnp152b  ssnv104l  ssnv104n
ssnv126e  ssnv129f  ssnv173l  supv003b  supv003e  supv005a  supv005b  supv005c  supv005d  supv005e
supv005f  supv005g  supv005h  supv005i  supv005j  supv005k  ttlv300a  ttnl02a   ttnl02a   wtna101d
wtnv100d  wtnv136c  zzzz265b  zzzz307b  zzzz337a  zzzz354f  zzzz401b
  • Materials:
hsnv131a  ort001a   ssll501a  ssna117a  ssna117b  ssna117c  ssnl121b  ssnl121c  ssnl128a  ssnl128b
ssnl128c  ssnl128d  ssnl131a  ssnl131b  ssnl131c  ssnl131d  ssnp132a  ssnv101c  ssnv113a  ssnv190a
ssnv190b  ssnv212a  ssnv213a  ssnv214a  ssnv215a  ssnv216a  zzzz118a  zzzz118b  zzzz118c  zzzz118d
zzzz120a  zzzz120b
  • Miss3d:
fdlv112b  fdlv112e  fdlv112f  fdlv112g  fdlv113a  sdls118a  sdls118d  sdlv133a  sdlx101a  sdlx101b
sdlx103a  sdlx104a  sdlx105a  sdlx106a  sdnx100a  sdnx100b  sdnx100c  sdnx100e  sdnx100f  sdnx100g
sdnx101a  sdnx101c  zzzz108c  zzzz200b
  • Ecrevisse:
zzzz218a  zzzz218b  zzzz218c  zzzz354a  zzzz354b  zzzz354c  zzzz354d  zzzz354e  zzzz354g  zzzz354h
zzzz355a  zzzz355b  zzzz355c  zzzz355d  zzzz355e  zzzz355f  zzzz355g  zzzz355h
  • Xmgrace:
forma03d  forma10a  forma10b  forma30b  sdld102a  sdnd125g  sdnl105b  sdns107a  sdns107b  ssnl127a
ssnl127b  ssnl127c  ssnl127d  ssnl127e  ssnp153a  ssnv194a
  • Mfront:
hplv101a  mfron*    ssnl112a  ssnl117b  ssnv205b  ssnv207b  zzzz387a  zzzz387b
sdls121a  sdls121b  sdls121c  zzzz159e  zzzz159b  zzzz159f
  • Petsc:
petsc*    wtna101a  zzzz351a  zzzz352a  zzzz352b  zzzz380a
  • Gzip:
ssnp168i  ssnp168j  ssnp168k  ssnp168l
  • Scipy:

Significant issues

Have a look to the opened bugs for this repository, that will be fixed as soon as possible.

Non significant issues

  • Windows limitation on write access for an already opened file:
ssnd110a  ssnd110b  ssnd110d  ssnd112a  ssnd112b  ssnd112c  ssnd112d  ssnd112e  zzzz159d
  • Windows python limitation on os.tmpfile() for a normal user:
sdld313d  sdls08a   ssll111b  ssnv173a  zzzz106b  zzzz162a  zzzz176a  zzzz236a  zzzz381a  zzzz384a
  • NOOK tests because of small tolerances, but not very far from the non regression values:
sdld321b  sdll104a  sslp303a  ssnp171f  ssns115d  wtnv135g
  • Umat (not consistent to compile a fortran source inside a realease build):
umat001a  umat001b  umat001c  umat002a
  • Unix commands, program or environment variable called via os.system, os.environ or EXEC_LOGICIEL:
ssls131a  supv002a  zzzz151a  zzzz216b
  • Windows limitations with Vmpeak (even though a workarround would be possible using psutil):
  • Mfront is missing:
  • Verify a message brodcast: