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dash instead of dot

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File example/django_inline/templatetags/

 def editable_id(obj, field_name):
     class_name = obj.__class__.__name__
     app_label = obj._meta.app_label
-    return '%s.%s.%s.%s' % (app_label, class_name,, field_name)
+    return '%s-%s-%s-%s' % (app_label, class_name,, field_name)

File example/django_inline/

-            app_label, class_name, pk, field_name = id.split('.')
+            app_label, class_name, pk, field_name = id.split('-')
         except ValueError:  # if the number of items in the string is wrong
         value =[obj.__class__].get_form([field_name]
     return render_to_response(templates_list('inline-form.html', obj), {
-        'form': Form(initial={'id': id, 'data': getattr(obj, field_name)}),
+        'form': Form(initial={'id': id, 'value': getattr(obj, field_name)}),
         'obj': obj,
         'field': field_name,
     }, context_instance=RequestContext(request))