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fix: param name

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 				request.partials = request.GET[PARTIAL_PARAM_NAME].split(',')
 			elif PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM in request.GET:
-				request.as_partial = request.GET[PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM]
+				setattr(request, PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM, request.GET[PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM])
 			current_url = resolve(request.path)
 		if getattr(request, 'no_partial', False):
 			return response
 		if len(getattr(request, 'partials', [])) == 0 and not getattr(request, PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM, False):
 			return response
-		if getattr(request, 'as_partial', False):
+		if getattr(request, PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM, False):
 			json_obj = {'blocks': {getattr(request, PARTIAL_ALL_PARAM): response.content}}
 			json_obj = dict(
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