Dmitri Lebedev committed 51f4478

node recipe is added as a subrepo

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 project/static/css/oocss = [git]git://
 culebron-hamlpy = [git]git://
+gp.recipe.node = [git]git://
 wiki = wiki
 40ba8693fb49b54e84a875750409270e4f84cbbe culebron-hamlpy
+cf0002777f266b4c9f65938b4953d23bf420cd0b gp.recipe.node
 6e481bc18fea7cae253977ad6b1d9a5bf85a6d24 project/static/css/oocss
 32114d3d93246c55454e7ed9622abcdc2ec8b614 wiki
 # add local subrepos that have to develop eggs in 'develop =' section.
-develop = culebron-hamlpy
+develop = culebron-hamlpy gp.recipe.node
 # hamlpy needs a patch that this subrepo has
 parts =
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