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+runserver_plus (make werkzeug)

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 runprod: bin/django compile_trans
 	./bin/prod runserver  # replace this with more sensible (like "apache/bin/restart")
+.PHONY: werkzeug
+runserver_plus: bin/django syncdb
+	./bin/django runserver_plus
 .PHONY: shell_plus
 shell_plus: bin/django syncdb
 	./bin/django shell_plus
 make_trans: bin/django
 	./bin/django makemessages -a -e 'py,html,haml'
-# generates WSGI script for webfaction hosting
-# prerequisites to the right of the pipe are executed strictly in the order they are listed
-webfaction: | bin/django
-	./bin/buildout install webfaction