fastdev-django / Makefile

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# Just remember that you need to use real tabs, not spaces, in a Makefile

.PHONY: run
run: bin/django syncdb bin/sass compile_trans
	./bin/django runserver

.PHONY: shell_plus
shell_plus: bin/django syncdb bin/sass
	./bin/django shell_plus

.PHONY: check_pyflakes
check_pyflakes: bin/pyflakes
	find . -name '*.py' -exec ./bin/pyflakes {} \;

bin/pyflakes: bin/buildout
	./bin/buildout install pyflakes

.PHONY: check_pep8
check_pep8: bin/pep8
	find . -name '*.py' -exec ./bin/pep8 {} \;

bin/pep8: bin/buildout
	./bin/buildout install pep8

bin/django: bin/buildout buildout.cfg

	python --distribute

syncdb: bin/django
	./bin/django syncdb
	# touch a timestamp file to avoid re-syncing
	touch syncdb

.PHONY: make_trans
make_trans: bin/django
	./bin/django makemessages -a -e 'py,html,haml'

	gem install sass --bindir bin

# generates WSGI script for webfaction hosting
# prerequisites to the right of the pipe are executed strictly in the order they are listed
webfaction: | bin/django
	./bin/buildout install webfaction buildout.cfg:

	make locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/

locale/%/LC_MESSAGES/ locale/%/LC_MESSAGES/django.po
	./bin/django compilemessages -l $(word 2,$(subst /, ,$@))


run: bin/coffee
bin/coffee: bin/buildout
	bin/buildout install node