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new recur_find

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 		return result
 	def _recur_find(self, patterns):
-		pattern = patterns.pop(0)
-		result = self._nested_find(pattern)
+		result = self
 		for p in patterns:
-			result = result._nested_find(pattern)
+			result = result._nested_find(p)
+		child = self.children()
+		if len(child):
+			result |= child._recur_find(patterns)
+		return result
 	def _nested_find(self, pattern):
 		result = self
 class NewTestsCase(MockMixin, TestCase):
 	def test_new_search_funcs(self):
-		self.assertEqual(Fs([Dir('/')])._nested_find(['home', 'siberiano']), Fs('/home/siberiano'))
-		self.assertEqual(Fs([Dir('/home')])._nested_find(['..', 'tmp']), Fs('/tmp'))
+		self.assertEqual(Fs([Dir('/')])._nested_find(['home', 'siberiano']), Fs([File('/home/siberiano')]))
+		self.assertEqual(Fs([Dir('/home')])._nested_find(['..', 'tmp']), Fs([File('/tmp')]))
 		source = Fs([File('/home'), File('/tmp')])
 		target = Fs([File('/home/siberiano'), File('/tmp/siberiano')])
 		self.assertEqual(source._nested_find(['siberiano']), target)
+	def test_recur_find(self):
+		self.assertEqual(Fs([Dir('/')])._recur_find([['siberiano']]), Fs([Dir('/home/siberiano'), Dir('/tmp/siberiano')]))
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